Meet Your Beekeeper

Mika Hardison-Carr is a quickly advancing business woman in the world of beekeeping education and honey value added products. She is also an active and knowledgeable bee keeper and the mastermind behind her popular honey products and infusions. Mika specializes in urban beekeeping methods and has been actively involved in beekeeping since 2018. She is also very active in promoting community food security and organizes a community garden co-op that assists local families in growing and preserving organic produce. Mika teaches classes on herbal remedies using natural ingredients. She is the co-founder of the The Herban Bee along with her husband Octavious Carr. The company focuses on integrating beekeeping in urban neighborhoods and exposing disadvantaged communities to agriculture. The Herban Bee has partnered with several public schools, to educate urban youth on beekeeping and the wonder of bees. The two practice their craft mostly in urban areas due to the limited land resources that is a challenge to many black farmers in the US. She is both an educator and an advocate for bee conservation. Mika has continued her beekeeping education by attending the University of Florida’s Bee College and is a member of both the Jacksonville and Nassau County Beekeeping Associations. She is a licensed Beekeeper with the State of Florida. Her and her husband Octavious also complete bee removals and relocate distressed and at risk bees regularly.