Yoni Box Vaginal Steaming Herbal Blend (V-Steam)
Yoni Box Vaginal Steaming Herbal Blend (V-Steam)

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Yoni Box Vaginal Steaming Herbal Blend (V-Steam)

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Why V Steam??? Steam has both medical and therapeutic benefits. Think of an esthetician’s use of steam as it relates to cleaning the pores on your face......The concept is the same! Steam clears stagnation and blockages. People have been using steam for centuries to decongest. So how does this relate to your Yoni? The heat, circulation, steam, and herbs help the uterus to get a thorough cleanse. In addition to being a preventative practice, it can also be used to treat a number of conditions. People have been using V-steams for centuries to treat everything from yeast infections to infertility. As part of a self-care a routine, women usually steam once a month for optimal vaginal health and to prevent health issues. Vaginal steam treatment or v-steam, is an all-natural way to rejuvenate, tone, balance, and keep your vagina healthy and happy. V-Steaming uses herbally infused steam to bring healing properties to the membranes of the vaginal tissues and the uterus. The V-Steam works with your body’s natural systems in restoring internal balance and maintaining overall good vaginal health and flora.

So what can a vaginal steam help with? * Cleansing * Balancing Vaginal Flora * Improve Fertility * Post Menstrual Recovery * Difficult Menstrual Periods * Yeast Infections * Vaginal Bacteria * Post Partum Recovery * Nourishing and Toning the Uterine Lining * Nourishing the Vaginal canal * Hydration * Reduce Cramping * Regulate Menstrual Cycles * Reduce Bloating This box ncludes 2oz of steaming herbs. Also included are instructions for getting the most out of your steam treatment. Our Herbal steams contain only the best organic and wildcrafted herbs.


The Genera Detox and Toning blend is a balance of herbs meant to Rejuvenate, Tone, and bring Balance to the womb. The herbal blend includes: Yarrrow, Chamomile, Raspberry Leaf, Calendula, Lavender, and Rosebuds.

The Anti-Yeast & Infection blend targets Yeast, Bacteria, and Fungal in-balances. The herbal blend includes: Mullein, Raspberry Leaf, Sage, and Goldenseal Please select the blend that is most appropriate for you.

Also please note that vaginal steaming is not recommended if any of the following apply to you currently: Pregnant Menstruating Currently Fresh Spotting Extremely Hot Weather Burning Itch After Insemination (or IUI/IVF transfer) When Trying to Conceive When Prone to Continual Heavy or Spontaneous Bleeding Between Periods